Next generation tracking ecosystem for boat owners and spectators

Reinvent the way people follow yacht racing. Discover a revolutionary sail tracking system.

Why it rocks?

SailDNA enables a detailed review of your sailing events. The device has been designed to capture all aspects of your boat performance. The app allows you to create and track events, watch past races, follow any boat on map anytime, and conduct comparable performance analysis. Spectators can access racing data and enjoy watching your sailing experience in real time through a native phone app.


Compatible with any boat with electronics

SailDNA is compatible with all NMEA and NMEA2000 capable boats.

Integrated 3G cellular circuit

The device is connected to the cloud using Telstra's 3G network for seamless connectivity.

Native phone app

Intuitive interface designed for spectators and boat owners. Apple iOS app on launch. Android app and web app to follow.

Works offline

SailDNA keeps recording your venture even when offline and syncs up once you are in range.

Integrated tracking with permanently installed device

Maximise spectatorship. Create, review and share events. Make sailing data accessible to everyone.

Adrian Dunphy
Co-Founder & CEO, SailDNA

"This was about sharing the sailing and making it more accessible to the people. Currently, all you can see is an icon on a map that moves every 5 minutes, we wanted more, we wanted to feel like we are on the boat. We want to cheer the yachts, watch the battles as they unfold."